NFM Team

 Syed Sardar Ali Shah 
Minister: Culture, Tourism & Antiquities
Government of Sindh
Chairman Executive Board NFM
 Dr. Kaleemullah Lashari
Chairman Technical Consultative Committee,
National Fund for Mohenjodaro
Government of Sindh
 Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Kanasro
Director General Antiquities & Archaeology,
Government of Sindh

Call for Papers

We are happy to invite scholars who have conducted original research on the origins, character, transformation or legacy of the Indus Civilization to contribute abstracts for articles that synthesize the current state of their special area of focus or other topics

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Archaeological Ruins at Mohenjodaro

The ruins of the huge city of Mohenjodaro – built entirely of unbaked brick in the 3rd millennium B.C. – lie in the Indus valley.

The acropolis, set on high embankments, the ramparts, and the lower town, which is laid out according to strict rules, provide evidence of an early system of town planning. More details…

Indus script in computational font has been developed & made available for the first time by NFM.

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